But the true travellers are they who depart
For departing’s sake; with hearts light as balloons,
They never swerve from their destinies,
Saying continuously, without knowing why: ‘Let us go on!’
— Charles Baudelaire (The Journey)


To be quite honest I find promotion of the self often empty and shallow, with the exception if it is built on an authentic personality and passionate work. But that’s the tricky part. What could you write about following your heart if you come from an environment that in general venerates the idea of work, i.e. working hard, but, with few elite exceptions, finds passionate work somehow non-essential if not even despicable?

I like to think that there are a genuine interest and a quest for knowledge that’s been driving my writing. For my Master’s Degree in Athropology, I researched cultural perception of magic, in the context of my sometimes also research journalist work I often wrote critically about technocracy and western politics aswell. I have erudite interest in other themes like folklore, mythology, medical anthropology, social and political sciences, etc. In this light various themes that can be found here on my blog. Some are just in Slovenian language, but I believe one can get the picture.

With the introduction cynical remark, I’m not necessarily aiming at some particular nation, but that kind of stereotypes could easily be found about my homeland Slovenia. There would be much more to say, but to cut a long story short, Slovenia is a beautiful country and maybe I’m just too confused or something and I don't see it right (though I know how underpaid one can be in this country), so let's just leave it here.

Maybe just this one thing, I would like to write in Slovenian, but yeah…, I will be switching to English, so please excuse me for making any slips of the tongue or grammar mistakes for a while - I'm not quite sure yet how it echoes. I plan to write blogs, articles, and later who knows… maybe even a book. I’m not sure which themes will be predominant, but the idea is to make a turn from journalism to literature.

If you would like to support my work you are welcome to comment and share my page, or to connect via social media. If somebody would be willing to he could also point out mine - at least the most eyecatching - language mistakes. I’m also planning to add a paypal donation button later on.

Would also appreciate a lot if my readers could perhaps mediate my work or connect me to some publishers, from alternative media (preferably magazines, though some older articles could be republished also in some kind of alternative activist media) to book publishers.


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